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How to Affiliate with LBFG/LPL – The Retail Process

1) Contact the LBFG Director of Distribution Development

727-791-9080 Office Number, ask for Gary Richardson

727-216-2010 Direct Office Line, Gary Richardson

727-647-2828 Direct Cellular Line, Gary Richardson

Schedule a meeting (in-person or phone meeting) to determine whether the potential relationship makes sense for all the parties involved. Discussion will cover topics such as compensation, available products, processes, transition, support, technology and most importantly your practice and what you need.

2) If after the first meeting everybody agrees that there’s a fit, then LBFG will introduce you to the LPL Regional Recruiter.

In some certain circumstances there can be an offer sheet from LPL to the prospective new advisor/representative.

3) If after the meeting with the LPL Regional Recruiter everything still makes sense by all of the parties involved, we will then submit an official offer sheet to you within 3 days from LBFG/LPL.

Will cover any initial transition dollars, transition help and process, contractual compensation, and any additional terms.

Assuming you accept the offer we will ask you to sign the offer sheet and return to both LBFG/LPL.

At this point you will sign on to the website and go to the tab labeled, “Join LPL”. All the way to the right of that page you will look for the box that says, “Submit Your Profile”, and do so.

This process will immediately assign two people to you. One will be an on-boarding coordinator with LPL and the other will be a transition specialist from LPL. LBFG will work hand in hand with these two individuals to make your experience in this process better and easier to understand.

Your on-boarding coordinator will receive your application to affiliate and make contact with you to go over your application and to clarify several points in the process. Organizing your OBA’ s, DBA’s, licensing in multiple states, etc., will be covered.

4) At this point a Timeline to Affiliate will be put together for your situation. As you can imagine, getting all of the potential things in order prior to a transition are of the upmost importance as the better you are prepared to move the better the transition experience is. (Transition Specialist will drive this piece)

LBFG will be working with you during this entire period to make sure you understand all of the pieces involved. We are experienced in this process and understand the multiple channel types of distribution transitions including the Protocol process.

5) During this time period and before LPL will allow you to affiliate, you will be required to go online at LPL and perform some classes that are required for you to affiliate. They are classes that will be an introduction to where the technology systems are and how to use them.

6) Execute the transition.

Note: This process from start to finish should last close to six weeks. This includes your beginning conversations with LBFG/LPL until the start of the transition. A note to remember is that the better the information we provide on the front end the better the results of the transition on the back end.


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